So after lots of preparation, painting and cleaning the exhibition was now complete. The event started with a private viewing last Friday, plenty turned out and the atmosphere was very good throughout the night. I was very pleased with my final work and how I had decided to present them. I was worried that it was going to be too difficult to put up but managed to find someone to do it for me. I had a lot of compliments on it, especially the way it was presented.

Some people I had invited could not come to the private viewing but hope to come in the week. However I was pleased that my old college tutor came and saw my work, he taught me my main photography skills three years ago and lead me to go on to do my degree. Friends and family also turned out to see the work and it did feel very fulfilling presenting my images after all the hard work.

The postcards I had made for the exhibition nearly all went on the opening night so I had to order some more. I hope that this means my name and work has been put out there and someone may get in contact one day. Overall the exhibition went very well, everything went as planned and it hasn’t put me off doing another exhibition in the future!


One of my roles towards the exhibition was to organise a rota for the manning of the gallery. This was to be divided between the group and at least two people had to be on each day. To make this easier for myself I created a simple table with the dates on and passed it around the class. The people who were there on that day got first picks of what day they wanted/could do. The remaining days were then left for me to fill in. After I had filled in the remaining days one problem I had was members of the group then wanting to change and swap, leaving me to rearrange dates with other people instead of them sticking to the original plan. It wasn’t hard to complete the rota task as I feel I am good at organising things, it was just rearranging dates that had already been finalised due to people wanting to swap.

As well as doing the rota I had to to a handover pack to go with it to leave in the gallery. This included everyones name and contact number incase somebody didn’t turn up for there shift and security numbers. It also included instructions of how to open and lock the door when arriving and leaving the gallery. It was easy enough to get everyones number and then to put it in a list, all of this information was then put in a folder for the gallery.

This task was well suited for me, as I said I am good at organising things and believe that everyone in the end was happy with the days they are doing in the gallery and so far there has been no further changes or people not turning up.

When I first started this project I knew I was going to produce fashion based photographs. I wanted to explore not just fashion but also makeup which is why I started photographing makeup/beauty first. I felt that these images alone didn’t really work for me, I felt they didn’t have a narrative behind them but they were only the beginnings of my project so I learnt from this. It was then decided that I should focus on a story then incorporate the makeup within it. I was always keen on the circus idea and so I felt it would bring out the best in my images and this is where I started.

I am very happy with my final images but this hasn’t come from not having a few worrying moments. Make up artists letting me down last minute meaning I have had to cancel shoots and book someone else and then ordering my frames; they were not sent out on the day I had advised meaning they arrived 4 days later just in time for the hand in. However I believe everything else went to plan, some things changed along the way from my original proposal but this was only to better my images and the overall outcome.

One of these changes was advice I was given by my mentor Ludwig Haskins. From the beginning of my project I always wanted my images to be in colour. After I did my final shoot and we looked at the images together he suggested to put them in black and white and to see how they compare. He wasn’t keen on the colour processing that I had done and said that they looked flat. I took his advice and edited them to black and white. I was still not 100% sure if this was what I wanted. I asked advice from other colleagues as I could not get hold of any of my tutors that day, the majority preferred the colour. I had another look at them properly, however I was starting to grow more towards the black and white images. Ludwig did keep reassuring me that they looked better. The colours of the makeup did not matter as the form is still there. They are a lot punchier and having them printed so big will allow them to stand out anyway without having them in colour. I am glad I took his advice as he has helped me out over the past year and felt it would be stupid not to take it.

If there was one thing I could have improved on was my schedule. I should have arranged to do more shoots as this would have given me more experience and more images to add to my portfolio. As the last 2 shoots were coming on I could see that there was an improvement and if I had given myself more time I may have produced better images as the weeks went on. However I have made many other contacts, like makeup artists, models and my other mentor, Caroline Malloy. These are people I can get in touch with for help with shoots in the future, as they know about the project already and can see I can produce the work.

Overall I am content with how this project has come on, I can still continue with it and to do this I would focus on other types of dolls and create shoots with models and strong makeup. I may even improve on this one overtime to suit the other individual shoots.

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So now I have my final 6 it was time to decide which order to show them in. I had a play around and mixed them up numerous times. I didn’t want the two close ups to be in the same set of three so that was easy enough to divide them. It was then a case of just seeing what worked best. I also knew that the landscape image would have to go in the middle as it had the black strips and I felt the balance would not be right if it was at the top or the bottom.

After having sorted out where three of them were going it was a case of seeing where the other suited. Below is the final edit I have come up with and feel works best.



Frame layout


As 5 of my final images were portrait I knew I was going to need portrait frames, however one of the images is landscape so I needed to think of a way to lay them out. My first idea was to have the landscape image in a landscape frame but it would have to be half the size (A2) so that it could be attached to the other frames in the current way.

This idea would work however I would like them all the same size and I also thought it might look a bit odd having one smaller image. So my other idea was to put the image on a portrait page and then add 2 black strips one on the top and one on the bottom, so that this would keep within the theme of the black and white theme and I could get the image printed the same size.The image still works and I can have it the same size as the others. I nearly took this image out of my final 6 because of the orientation but I was advice to think of a way of including it. I am glad I did this, it adds to the set and doesn’t make them too uniformed by having them all portrait and my frames can look how I wanted them to originally.

Layout of frames

Since I had decided on my final 6 images I thought it would be a nice idea to get some postcard printed from  so that I could have them on display at the degree show but to also send out to people that perhaps couldn’t attend the degree show that I wanted to show my work to. I kept them simple putting one image on each card and on the back just having the title of the project and my name. Along with this I have also made some business cards so these can go in with the postcard so people have a way of contacting me.

I have only ordered 60 cards for now for the opening night of the degree show and then if I need more to send out to people or they need adjusting then this can be done. I have only used the 6 final images and so then if people want to see more they can come to my blog or website.

Example of front


Example of back