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Today I went and took some images of some of the clothing I wanted to use for my shoot and want I thought might work well for the shop’s website. I have chosen some dresses, all very different in colour but of a similar style. I will be adding any accessories needed to these outfits […]

One thing that I always find difficult to find when preparing for a fashion shoot is clothing. I always want something different for each of my shoots and can’t always rely on the model to bring clothes. So I thought about contacting some clothes shops, Vintage/boutique type ones and see if I could borrow the […]

Mario Sorrenti is best known for his nudes. I have chosen two images of Kate Moss from the Calvin Klein advertising campaign he did ¬†in 1993 for research for my essay. The¬†photographs he took of Kate Moss for Calvin Klein also had that heroin chic look about them similar to that of Corinne Day, however […]

Today at university we had a very interesting guest speaker, Keith Smith, a Crime scene investigator for Somerset and Avon police. Keith has worked as a CSI for nine years now and is also a specialist fire and CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) investigator. Taking photographs of crime scenes or generally being part of […]

I went along to another great exhibition hosted by The Little Black gallery in Chelsea on Wednesday. Best of British included work of some of the best British photographers of our time, including Miles Aldridge, Bob Carlos Clarke, Terence Donovan, Brian Duffy, Mike Figgis, Norman Parkinson, Terry O’Neil and Patrick Lichfield to name just a […]

Corinne Day had one of the biggest influences on the heroin chic look when she photographed Kate Moss in 1993, wearing just pants and a skimpy pink top. The images were published in the 1993 June issue of British Vogue and caused a lot of controversy and discomfort to some viewers. It was thought that […]

Liquid light is an emulsion which you can apply to pretty much any surface, this then transforms that surface so that you can develop a photographic print onto it. Yesterday I did this at university and it turned out very well. We used a simple canvas sheet for our surface and applied the emulsion with […]