CW 2 – Mario Sorrenti


Mario Sorrenti is best known for his nudes. I have chosen two images of Kate Moss from the Calvin Klein advertising campaign he did  in 1993 for research for my essay. The photographs he took of Kate Moss for Calvin Klein also had that heroin chic look about them similar to that of Corinne Day, however they were taking in a posed setting like a studio. Ironically Mario’s younger brother, Davide Sorrenti,  also a fashion photographer, killed himself by overdosing on heroin in 1997. He also took images that had traits of the heroin chic look, so it’s quite obvious that the drug had a big influence on him and his work and maybe that is why Mario also photographs in this way too.

It becomes apparent that Calvin Klein obviously wanted the heroin chic look to sell his products as he continued to use Kate Moss for his company image. So does that mean that the heroin chic look was actually more popular than not? And that the products were selling better having this heroin chic image? The images below are all by Mario Sorrenti and are all going to be investigated in my essay.


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