CW 1- Juergen Teller


Juergen Teller is most famous for photographing Marc Jacobs advertising campaigns for the past ten years, however he also had an important part in the “grunge” era back in the 1990’s. He did this by photographing Kurt Cobain, the images had a raw look to them and were more of a documentary style than Teller’s fashion imagery.

He is still regarded today as one of the most influential fashion photographers and has remained an influence on my fashion shoot. As I want to produce images of a heroin chic style and another set of images that has a powerful effect, Teller’s work in a way has this effect. I can view his work and understand how he is advertising products in such an unusual way. His images are not the normal images you would see in a glossy magazine, they almost have a humorous side to them.

My shoot however won’t have a humorous effect to them, I am looking at Teller for his “grunge” work and how it can help me with my heroin chic shoot. Teller did his first shoots for id and The Face magazine in 1986, he knew hardly anything about fashion, however this did not affect his work. By the 90’s Teller was part the fashion world and was recognised as every major magazine.

He says that he depends heavily on the model’s personality, this is very similar to the work of Corinne Day who wanted to be intimate with her models. It is clear that the “grunge” or “heroin chic” look had extremely similar traits, maybe because of the way the photographer related to their model.

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