Assisting Rachel Spivey – 16/05/11


The shoot that I assisted Rachel with yesterday was something neither of us had done before. A man had contacted Rachel to photograph some Chinese antique paintings and scrolls to create a catalogue to send to China and Honk Kong as he was selling them. The shoot was to take place at 12pm so I got there around 11:40pm, again I made sure everything was tidy and ready for the shoot.

Once we had got all of the items upstairs we could then identify what lighting we would use. We used two standard studio lights with wide angle reflectors on, both at equal heights to give even lighting on to the object. There were about five scrolls to photograph and about nine ink paintings. To hang the scrolls up we had to put up the background support system and then attach them with some string, it was basic things which were needed to enhance the way the photographs were taken. I had to make sure the scrolls were even once hung up and  for the ink paintings I had to hold a reflector on one side to stop any glare on the glass frames.

From this shoot I have learnt that the lighting and the way you display the objects don’t have to be complicated. The shoot then only took about an hour it was nice and simple yet it was amazing to see such old items and have the privilege to help photograph them, as some of these items could end up in the British Museum and others around the world. Rachel will now edit the images and will then make a portfolio for the client.

Again once the shoot had finished it was my job to make sure all the washing up was done and the studio was left clean and tidy.


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