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Following on from the first task when we did a sound recording and photographs of a journey we then had to “mash up” the work we had with other peoples. At first I thought it was going to be complicated but after a talk from Mike Lusmore from Duck Rabbit it became a lot clearer […]

For our second task we had to get in to pairs, one had to be “eyes” and one had to be “ears”. Ears had the sound recording equipment and eyes had the camera, you would then go on a journey somewhere and eyes would have to guide ears (Blindfolded if you wanted) and record the […]

This lecture was as the title says the Patron and the Consumer but looking at the way money is made from art. We started by looking at the Patron, it was said that pictures would not be created if it was not for the patron. The patron has money and so to create a painting […]

We were all given a text to read: branding the post feminist self: girls’ video production on you tube by Sarah Banet-Weiser. From this text we had to research further and locate another text in the library which related to it. You would then eventually find further research and find your own voice within the […]

For the second part of this task I had to edit up another magazine spread but incorporate some of my own images. I chose the same photographers that I had for the first task but some slightly different images and then incorporated my own which I thought linked well. I found this second part to […]

For this first task we had to collect between 8-10 photographs from different photographers that inspires you. You also had to think about the lay out, flow and size of the images as if they were a magazine spread. The task was really useful as it made you think about what it is that makes […]

Exhibition: Masters of style – creating the stories behind Italian fashion. At Somerset house I went to this exhibition in August, as I knew I was going to be doing my last year at university around fashion this seemed to be a good exhibition to see. At this time I also wasn’t sure what type […]