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As my role in the degree show planning is the treasurer I have made a simple table so that when I need to collect money from the group they can tick or sign they’re name off. This makes it easier for me and the group as I don’t have to write people’s names down at […]

Rick Medlock has been very busy and kind enough to send the group via Facebook some designs of the front and back covers. He has look at some peoples suggestions from the group and has put them into consideration when creating the cover. Here is the first one Rick created: Members of the group have […]

As I am approaching the final term of my photography degree I had to create an artist statement which would be displayed in the degree show booklet. This is something which we all need to do as artists anyway and is something I needed to do so that I can explain to people how I […]

After getting some quotes from various printing companies, we have found out that they do not always design the book layout for you. This would mean we would have to get a graphic designer to complete the layout for us. Luckily we already know someone that is willing to design the book for us, Rick […]

On wednesday we had another group meeting about the publication we are making for our degree work. At this meeting we discussed various issues such as when and where we would meet each week, which would be 1pm on Wednesdays. We also made a decision that by next week’s meeting that everyone would come back […]

My main role in the degree show and symposium planning is the treasurer. Collecting money off people when it is needed and looking after the account. So far I have collected a ¬£10 deposit of everyone in the publication group (people who are making a book rather than having a degree show in London) as […]

In just under three weeks times myself and other students in my class will be presenting a symposium at the Herbert Art Gallery¬†. For this symposium we have worked together as a team and are planning everything for the day to run smoothly. Our first task was to create a time sheet of who would […]