Publication degree show meeting – Wednesday 26th Jan


On wednesday we had another group meeting about the publication we are making for our degree work. At this meeting we discussed various issues such as when and where we would meet each week, which would be 1pm on Wednesdays. We also made a decision that by next week’s meeting that everyone would come back with at least one quote from a printers so that we can move forward with getting the book printed. Once we have chosen our printers next week and we know the price we will have to pay then we will assign a date that we will need our money in and how much this will be. This should give people enough time to gather their money and know in advance when it needs to be in.

  • The requirements for the book are that it needs to be 210×210 mm (square format)
  • Minimum of 40 pages
  • 100/200 in total to be printed depending on hoe the company do the costing
  • Lustre or matt finish pages with thicker paper for the cover
  • Preferably a local company so that we can deal with them in person and not over the phone or online if any problems arise. Also this could give us a better opportunity for a sponsorship
  • For next week we are to gather a list of emails/contacts that we want to send the book out to

We also brought up fundraising ideas that could possibly take place in the Ellen Terry building such as cakes sales/print sales etc. This is something we will decide on once we know how much money we all need and if it is worth doing. We also discussed about how we might present the post, like things such as envelopes to post them in and wax stamps etc. So this is something that people in the group can also get a quote on for next week if they can.


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