Poster for symposium


For the symposium we had to make some posters to advertise, within our groups (dvd and stand up presentation) we discussed how we would make the poster layout and who would be in charge of doing this. We agreed that we would use the same layout as last year and that Kayleigh Dolphin would be in charge of putting it together. Once she had got the template from Matt Johnston we all brought in a photograph to choose to put on the poster. This was a simple majority vote decision and it made it quick and simple to decide.

Now we had the layout and the image Kayleigh got on with putting in the times and titles of our presentations. The first draft had some spelling mistakes on but this was good as we could amend it all and get it perfect before printing them out. We also thought that the image needed to be adjusted slightly, just cropping at the bottom and adjusting the contrast. Now we were all happy with the poster Kayleigh gave us a all a digital copy and we all printed at least 20 each. We also printed out some A5 leaflet size posters to put in the reception on the Ellen Terry building and the loan shop.

The posters have now started to be distributed, some have gone to City college Coventry in their photography department and some of their students are going to come. Other places they are going in are the herbert art gallery, shops, cafes and photography related places such as printing shops.



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