Framing ideas and quotes for 24×16″ prints


I have decided to have my final images framed and want to use a local company. I have searched on the internet and done some online quotes for the type of framing I am looking for.

The first idea I had was to have my images acrylic framed, this would give it quite a contemporary feel to it which would go well with my fashion and beauty work. From going to the print space I knew that this was one of the most expensive ways of printing. However I did a quote for this just to see how expensive it would work out. I want my images to be 24×16″ quite large as I want the viewer to see all the detail in the photograph, especially the makeup and some of my images will be landscape and portrait and this size will work with both formats.

Here is the quote for one acrylic print from the print space…

As I am looking for 8-10 prints this is going to work our very expensive and way over my budget, but I had to do the quote to rule it out.

Next I looked at standard framing at the print space, this included my image being printed. Again keeping to the same size of 24×16″, having a thin white frame to keep it contemporary.

Again this worked out very expensive for 8-10 prints I would be looking at way over £1000 which is over my budget again.

Next I started to look at framing companies in Coventry. The first one I looked at was one vision. I have used them before for printing and so I did an online quote for a thin white frame including the photograph being printed but no mount.

With this company I am looking at almost half of what the print space quote is giving me. If I want mounting it is an extra £10 per image.

The next company I found is a another coventry company, I haven’t used them before but they specialise in mounting and framing. This quote if for the frame only and I would then get my photographs printed by a separate company which I am happy to do if it brings the cost down.  The quote also includes the fixings for mounting the frame to the wall.

I have got one more company to go and see to get a quote but out if these it works out cheaper to get my print and frame separate. However it might be easier to have the same company put together my prints and frame them as this will save me doing it and it will be more professional.


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