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From the feedback my mentor Caroline Malloy gave me I was told to think about female photographers that influence me. Ellen Von Unwerth is one female photographer that I believe has some influence towards my work. She photographs Fashion and Beauty work which is the area I want to specialise in and is also the […]

As part of this module our mentors will be marking our work as well as giving us advice towards our projects. As we have done our proposals for our projects our mentors have looked through this and told us how we can improve. My feedback was quite positive with Caroline saying that I was heading […]

As I want the make up to have a twist on the circus doll theme I am looking into theatrical make up and how I can perhaps combine this with my theme. A theatrical look would also suit as the shoot tomorrow is going to take place in an old, unused theatre room. The first […]

As my final major project is based on using makeup themes to a particular style I decided to do a practice shoot on the theme of the circus doll. This would enable me to work out if this is the theme I would continue with for my final images. I worked with a new model, […]

I have chosen one theme for my final project but I did look in to different styles of make up before hand. I wanted to make sure I had looked into a few themes that I admired first.   Circus Doll: A theme that can be adapted but it is also very eye catching. A […]

Rebecca Betts Title: Uknown at current. Looking at perhaps using one word, keeping it simple. Words that mean beauty or erotic: Erotogenic¬† Beauty Brief description of subject: My project will be based on creating fashion photographs using vivid makeup but involving an erotic essence. My shoots will take place on location and in the studio, […]