Project proposal – 352 mc


Rebecca Betts

Title: Uknown at current. Looking at perhaps using one word, keeping it simple.
Words that mean beauty or erotic:
Erotogenic  Beauty

Brief description of subject:

My project will be based on creating fashion photographs using vivid makeup but involving an erotic essence. My shoots will take place on location and in the studio, using a digital camera. I will be working with a makeup artist and models on this project who I have previously worked with. The main props will be the makeup but I will also be using colourful materials to connect with the makeup, as I want the photographs to be vivid. The main issues in this project is femininity, nudity and beauty.


I will be looking at other photographers that work with nudity and makeup. For example Miles Aldridge and Guy Bourdin. In addition and more importantly I am going to research female photographers that work in this way. As a female photographer this is an important part of my work as a mean to relate to others in this field. I will also be researching artists, for example Picasso and Paul Klee, as they use distortion of the face in their paintings. I am going to examine the many different makeup styles that are used and why for example, circus, theatre, mime, etc.

As I would like to go into commercial work I am researching into how magazine in different countries vary with their advertising. This continues from my symposium work of the female nude in advertising and so I already have knowledge of this area.
I will be approaching the issue as a female photographer not disinclined to work with and produce images of nudity and erotism.

Examples of Make-up to research:


These will be the main makeup styles I am going to research, this will give me an idea of what I like and how I can maybe combine some of these styles to create my own unique version.


As I feel I work best commercially and fashion is my main area I prefer to work with, fashion magazines would be my target audience. Perhaps a younger audience as most of the models I photographs are quite young and feel this would be more related. Another audience would be advertising agencies, as advertising is another area I have an interest in this would be something I would like to do after university.

Equipment list:

Anticipated method of presentation:

I intend to present four 20×30” images in the exhibition. I want my display to look contemporary so I am going to use acrylic frames with steel fixings. I want only four images as I want the viewer to focus on the makeup and detail and not be distracted by too many other images.
Also on the wall I will have an acrylic wall mounted leaflet dispenser with business card holder attached to match my frames, as well as that I will also have an acrylic sign holder (A6) to have a title and description about my work on.
Acrylic frames will be bought online at “get acrylic photo frames” these are supplied with the fixings to mount to the wall. The prints will be printed by DScolour labs on Epson satin paper.




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