Make up ideas for Final project


I have chosen one theme for my final project but I did look in to different styles of make up before hand. I wanted to make sure I had looked into a few themes that I admired first.


Circus Doll: A theme that can be adapted but it is also very eye catching. A variety of props and locations could be used for this theme including the circus itself, a theatre or even a built up set in a studio. A vibrant colour theme can also be used for this theme which is something I admire within my work.


Catwalk/Couture: This theme is very open and can be explored in many different ways. As I like to work with bright colours I would create a theme that was colour orientated, vibrant yet different. The shoots could take place on location or in the studio.

Geisha girl: This theme is very structured and I feel it can’t be altered that much, I can take some inspiration from the make up and perhaps combine it with something else. However I believe it will be a bit too easy to create this look and I don’t think I will gain much from doing a project on this one theme.

Mime: This is similar to the circus doll but not so colourful, so again I think I will be taking inspiration from this rather than doing a project based on this. Props would be minimal but I could create some scenes with more than one model.


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