Final Edit


So now I have done my final shoot I was ready to edit my images to get my final 6. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to combine the two last shoots or just have 6 images from the final shoot. To help me with this decision my mentor Ludwig Haskins looked through the images I had selected initially as my first edit. We then chose 6 together and I then put in the cross process effect I had previously used. Below are the final 6 images…





































































Ludwig then suggested that I change the images to monochrome as he thought that the tones would suit it better. I took his advice and altered them to colour just to see what they would look like. At first I was a bit against this idea as I wanted my images to be colour from the start of my project. However I didn’t want to not take his advice and so I ¬†changed them to monochrome.












































After changing my images I was still unsure about having them in black and white, it was the day before I had to get them printed and unfortunately none of my tutors were in university on this day. I asked for other peoples advice and they all preferred the colour. However when I spoke to Ludwig about the situation he explained to me that the colour processing looked very dull and the black and white ones were alive and much stronger. The more I looked at the monochrome ones the more I could understand what he meant. I was also worried about the colour of the makeup and it not showing through but he assured me that you don’t have to have the images in colour for the makeup to stand out. Black and white images are still used in magazines to show makeup and so I felt a lot more at ease with this idea. After coming to a decision I am going to have my finals printed in monochrome. I trust Ludwig’s advice and he has helped me over the past year with my work and so I didn’t want to let him down.


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