Frame layout


As 5 of my final images were portrait I knew I was going to need portrait frames, however one of the images is landscape so I needed to think of a way to lay them out. My first idea was to have the landscape image in a landscape frame but it would have to be half the size (A2) so that it could be attached to the other frames in the current way.

This idea would work however I would like them all the same size and I also thought it might look a bit odd having one smaller image. So my other idea was to put the image on a portrait page and then add 2 black strips one on the top and one on the bottom, so that this would keep within the theme of the black and white theme and I could get the image printed the same size.The image still works and I can have it the same size as the others. I nearly took this image out of my final 6 because of the orientation but I was advice to think of a way of including it. I am glad I did this, it adds to the set and doesn’t make them too uniformed by having them all portrait and my frames can look how I wanted them to originally.

Layout of frames


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