Reflective Summary


When I first started this project I knew I was going to produce fashion based photographs. I wanted to explore not just fashion but also makeup which is why I started photographing makeup/beauty first. I felt that these images alone didn’t really work for me, I felt they didn’t have a narrative behind them but they were only the beginnings of my project so I learnt from this. It was then decided that I should focus on a story then incorporate the makeup within it. I was always keen on the circus idea and so I felt it would bring out the best in my images and this is where I started.

I am very happy with my final images but this hasn’t come from not having a few worrying moments. Make up artists letting me down last minute meaning I have had to cancel shoots and book someone else and then ordering my frames; they were not sent out on the day I had advised meaning they arrived 4 days later just in time for the hand in. However I believe everything else went to plan, some things changed along the way from my original proposal but this was only to better my images and the overall outcome.

One of these changes was advice I was given by my mentor Ludwig Haskins. From the beginning of my project I always wanted my images to be in colour. After I did my final shoot and we looked at the images together he suggested to put them in black and white and to see how they compare. He wasn’t keen on the colour processing that I had done and said that they looked flat. I took his advice and edited them to black and white. I was still not 100% sure if this was what I wanted. I asked advice from other colleagues as I could not get hold of any of my tutors that day, the majority preferred the colour. I had another look at them properly, however I was starting to grow more towards the black and white images. Ludwig did keep reassuring me that they looked better. The colours of the makeup did not matter as the form is still there. They are a lot punchier and having them printed so big will allow them to stand out anyway without having them in colour. I am glad I took his advice as he has helped me out over the past year and felt it would be stupid not to take it.

If there was one thing I could have improved on was my schedule. I should have arranged to do more shoots as this would have given me more experience and more images to add to my portfolio. As the last 2 shoots were coming on I could see that there was an improvement and if I had given myself more time I may have produced better images as the weeks went on. However I have made many other contacts, like makeup artists, models and my other mentor, Caroline Malloy. These are people I can get in touch with for help with shoots in the future, as they know about the project already and can see I can produce the work.

Overall I am content with how this project has come on, I can still continue with it and to do this I would focus on other types of dolls and create shoots with models and strong makeup. I may even improve on this one overtime to suit the other individual shoots.


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