Titling my project – Circus Dream


Titling my work is something which I tend to do once I have my images. It was suggested to create a title in my proposal and I did put my initial ideas down but these ideas have changed now I have my images and I am far happier with the title.

I wanted my original title to be related to beauty and erotica however I didn’t want to set this in stone as my ideas and concepts may have changed slightly, which they did. The images are not as erotic as I first thought I was going to do them. They are more subtle but have a dreamy essence to them, leading me to the title I have of “Circus Dream”. To help me with this decision my mentor ludwig Haskins and I came up with Circus Dream or Dream Diary, as the theme has been circus related all the way through I thought it only seemed right to have circus in the title.

Now I have a title I am going to get some postcards printed with the images on and title so that I can have them on display at the degree show for people to take away with them. I can also send these out to professionals with my card as a way of showing my degree show work in a smaller format.



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