Rota for the gallery


One of my roles towards the exhibition was to organise a rota for the manning of the gallery. This was to be divided between the group and at least two people had to be on each day. To make this easier for myself I created a simple table with the dates on and passed it around the class. The people who were there on that day got first picks of what day they wanted/could do. The remaining days were then left for me to fill in. After I had filled in the remaining days one problem I had was members of the group then wanting to change and swap, leaving me to rearrange dates with other people instead of them sticking to the original plan. It wasn’t hard to complete the rota task as I feel I am good at organising things, it was just rearranging dates that had already been finalised due to people wanting to swap.

As well as doing the rota I had to to a handover pack to go with it to leave in the gallery. This included everyones name and contact number incase somebody didn’t turn up for there shift and security numbers. It also included instructions of how to open and lock the door when arriving and leaving the gallery. It was easy enough to get everyones number and then to put it in a list, all of this information was then put in a folder for the gallery.

This task was well suited for me, as I said I am good at organising things and believe that everyone in the end was happy with the days they are doing in the gallery and so far there has been no further changes or people not turning up.


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