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For this module some of the students decided to do a recording of a brief description of what our symposium is about. This is going to be available on the main expo24 website for promotion purposes. My symposium is about the sexual attitudes towards women in advertising, so I just had to say a small […]

As the symposium is on thursday the 9th Feb there will be a few things to do before hand. We have decided to let the herbert arrange for us to have some tea and coffee available on breaks. We will have to pay for this but between us it won’t be much. As well as […]

Here is a list of references for my Symposium presentation. Aldridge, M (2008) Cat story Vogue Italia [online] available from <; [05 January 2011] Aldridge, M (2010) Vogue Italia Beauty [online] available from <; [05 January 2012] Anon. (2001) Yves Saint Laurent Paris advert campaign [online] available from <; [06 January 2012] BBC News (2000) […]

For the symposium we had to make some posters to advertise, within our groups (dvd and stand up presentation) we discussed how we would make the poster layout and who would be in charge of doing this. We agreed that we would use the same layout as last year and that Kayleigh Dolphin would be […]

In just under three weeks times myself and other students in my class will be presenting a symposium at the Herbert Art Gallery¬†. For this symposium we have worked together as a team and are planning everything for the day to run smoothly. Our first task was to create a time sheet of who would […]

Last week I went to the Light House gallery in Wolverhampton to see a great fashion photography exhibition. I wanted to go and see the exhibition and look at the Tim Walker photograph of Lily Cole and the giant camera for my research. When I got there I was pleasantly surprised to see some of […]

Here is my presentation on Tim Walker for working with photography in context. This was part of my research for this module, we had to look at a photographer who’s work inspires us and is related to our research. Doing this presentation has given me a wider insight into the photographer and also a lot […]