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When I first started this project I knew I was going to produce fashion based photographs. I wanted to explore not just fashion but also makeup which is why I started photographing makeup/beauty first. I felt that these images alone didn’t really work for me, I felt they didn’t have a narrative behind them but […]

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So now I have my final 6 it was time to decide which order to show them in. I had a play around and mixed them up numerous times. I didn’t want the two close ups to be in the same set of three so that was easy enough to divide them. It was then […]

Frame layout


As 5 of my final images were portrait I knew I was going to need portrait frames, however one of the images is landscape so I needed to think of a way to lay them out. My first idea was to have the landscape image in a landscape frame but it would have to be […]

Since I had decided on my final 6 images I thought it would be a nice idea to get some postcard printed from  so that I could have them on display at the degree show but to also send out to people that perhaps couldn’t attend the degree show that I wanted to show my […]

Titling my work is something which I tend to do once I have my images. It was suggested to create a title in my proposal and I did put my initial ideas down but these ideas have changed now I have my images and I am far happier with the title. I wanted my original […]

Final Edit


So now I have done my final shoot I was ready to edit my images to get my final 6. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to combine the two last shoots or just have 6 images from the final shoot. To help me with this decision my mentor Ludwig Haskins looked through the […]