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So after lots of preparation, painting and cleaning the exhibition was now complete. The event started with a private viewing last Friday, plenty turned out and the atmosphere was very good throughout the night. I was very pleased with my final work and how I had decided to present them. I was worried that it […]

One of my roles towards the exhibition was to organise a rota for the manning of the gallery. This was to be divided between the group and at least two people had to be on each day. To make this easier for myself I created a simple table with the dates on and passed it […]

The website for our degree show is now live, there are links to our twitter, Facebook and email pages. There does need to be a lot more added like video recordings of members of the group talking about their work, examples of our work and a link to all of our web spaces and contact […]

Rick has done a draft layout of those who have sent him their artist statement and a set of images. The images may not be the ones you are using for your final project but this will help you and him get an idea of how the layout will look and how ┬ámuch space you […]

Rick has been working really hard on getting different designs out to us and has been listening to our ideas. So far we are all happy with what he has design so far, the book has changed quite a lot from what it started out from. Below is step by step of how the book […]

Yesterday we had another group meeting about the publication of our book for the degree show. We discussed what quotes we had got and we came a to a decision to go with a local company called cpdw. I had contacted them a while ago to see if this was the sort of they would […]

As my role in the degree show planning is the treasurer I have made a simple table so that when I need to collect money from the group they can tick or sign they’re name off. This makes it easier for me and the group as I don’t have to write people’s names down at […]