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This is a current portrait of Nikki, as she is today living back at home with my Mum following the split from her husband. This photograph will be added to the photo film along with some detailed photos of her surroundings at the moment. Advertisements

Here is the start to my photo film of Nikki’s story. Together we found old photographs to put with the audio along with newspaper clippings from when she was looking for her biological father. Nikki is still looking for photographs which I can put towards the rest of the film. At the moment this is […]

This is my first sound recording from a foster girl who used to live with my family. I have edited it down to around 4 minutes and I will use this in a photo film about her. I have taken the parts out where I ask the questions and I will write the questions in […]

Here is the blog I have set up as a place for people to see about the project and how to participate. If the project gets bigger then I can then create a more formal website. 

As part of my research for my final phonar task I have looked in to what support there is already on the internet. From this I wanted to see what support might be missing and where I could perhaps fill this in with my project. The main website support network on the internet is The […]

I am looking back at the talk we had with Mike lusmore for my final task for #Phonar. As  I am producing a photo film as part of my final for #Phonar I need to go over and look at the main elements involved. We looked at transformative storytelling, photo films and defining what a […]

The final task , “A day in the life” for Phonar is something which I had a lot of ideas for but wasn’t sure which one to choose. After speaking to Jonathan Worth I decided to choose a subject which is related to me, my family and people in the community. This subject is fostering. […]