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At the beginning of this module I was almost certain that I was going to do a fashion project. As this is my main interest this would be a great time to do such a project. However as we went through the weeks and did different tasks, I did a different variety of images for […]

Bright, Susan (2010) Auto focus: The Self-Portrait in Contemporary Photography, London: Thames and Hudson Carucci, Elinor (2002) Closer, San Fransisco: Chronicle Books Duck Rabbit: Jim Goldberg: Paul Wright: Pete Brook: Philosophy of Andy Warhol: Robert Gumpert: Ross Rawlings: Sam Haskins: Tom Hoops: Victoria Lucas:



For my online piece I photographed old images of my nan that are in my presentation box along with other sentimental things that are related to my Nan. These photographs were taken on her bed in hospital, this added another element to the video and images along with texture. The audio narrative with the images […]

As this is a very personal project and is unique to me I have decided to buy a small portfolio box, in that box I will be putting my final images along with old photographs of my Nan and other sentimental items that remind me of her. The size of the box is 8×10 and […]

For this task I expanded on my nude images and photographed myself again in an abstract way but with clothes on. I chose the item of clothing so that you could still see my body underneath but to also add texture. I prefer the nude ones as they work better especially as abstract work. I […]

For my final Picturing the body project I am continuing with the task set by Elinor Carucci. Since the last images were taken my Nan’s illness has got worse so it only seemed natural to photograph her and to capture important moments and elements to her time in hospital. I took the advice that Elinor […]

So last week’s picbod task was set by photographer Elinor Carucci, the title of this task is Creating a Human Narrative. You had to tell a story with a group of 10 to 20 images and each image should show a part of the human body, whether it be a hand or face. I didn’t […]