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My first idea for this project changed considerably, I was originally going to do a military fashion shoot. However after deciding on a topic for my other coursework (CW 2 Essay) looking at the Heroin chic look, I decided to use this project to do a shoot in a similar style of a heroin chic […]

For this project I knew that I wanted to produce a book of my final images, I tend to use Apple books but as they take longer to deliver I decided to try Blurb. I had never used them before so I thought I’d give it a go. At first the software comes across a […]

CW1 – Essay


Exploring the images of Kate Moss surrounding the Heroin Chic look Heroin Chic: A trend that occurred in the early 90’s consisting of very waif, thin models, with black bags under the eyes, baggy clothing, pale skin and a general tired and frail look. A brief description of one of the most famous trends in […]

As my heroin chic shoot took place in the studio I wanted to support why I had done this. As a lot of heroin chic images in the 90’s were taken in a documentary style or on location I have found some photographers of that era who photographed in a similar way to that I […]

My second shoot was to change the look from the heroin chic shoot to a stronger, more powerful woman in the image. The outfit was changed to something a bit more seductive and the model was now wearing make-up and her hair had been styled. I prefer these images as the outfit stands out more […]

For my two shoots I had two slightly different set ups, I did quite a bit of experimenting before hand to see what worked well. I knew that I wanted the Heroin chic shoot to be quite harsh lighting and I wanted the second shoot to be adequate for full length, so I could take […]

I did two shoots with one model to compare how images can come across so differently. I did one heroin chic shoot with hardly any make-up on the model and her hair was very untamed. I used quite harsh lighting on the model to emphasise her features, so that her body would stand out more. […]