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Our task this week was to control light, still using the pinhole camera. So this meant taking out a portable light source such as flash with a softbox, umbrella, snoot etc and using this to light the subject and control the amount of light exposing on to that subject. After being introduced to the Bowens […]

Following on from task 1 when I had to take “street life” images with the pinhole, I now had to take portrait images. I went back to the same location that I had used before and got somebody to sit on a bench, so my set up was staged. I did my first exposure for […]

Our task during the easter holidays was to make a pinhole camera, so we could then take images with it when we were back at university. I had made a pinhole before whilst at college but it wasn’t hugely successful, so I was determined to make my second one work. I made my pinhole camera […]