Titling my work is something which I tend to do once I have my images. It was suggested to create a title in my proposal and I did put my initial ideas down but these ideas have changed now I have my images and I am far happier with the title.

I wanted my original title to be related to beauty and erotica however I didn’t want to set this in stone as my ideas and concepts may have changed slightly, which they did. The images are not as erotic as I first thought I was going to do them. They are more subtle but have a dreamy essence to them, leading me to the title I have of “Circus Dream”. To help me with this decision my mentor ludwig Haskins and I came up with Circus Dream or Dream Diary, as the theme has been circus related all the way through I thought it only seemed right to have circus in the title.

Now I have a title I am going to get some postcards printed with the images on and title so that I can have them on display at the degree show for people to take away with them. I can also send these out to professionals with my card as a way of showing my degree show work in a smaller format.



Final Edit


So now I have done my final shoot I was ready to edit my images to get my final 6. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to combine the two last shoots or just have 6 images from the final shoot. To help me with this decision my mentor Ludwig Haskins looked through the images I had selected initially as my first edit. We then chose 6 together and I then put in the cross process effect I had previously used. Below are the final 6 images…





































































Ludwig then suggested that I change the images to monochrome as he thought that the tones would suit it better. I took his advice and altered them to colour just to see what they would look like. At first I was a bit against this idea as I wanted my images to be colour from the start of my project. However I didn’t want to not take his advice and so I  changed them to monochrome.












































After changing my images I was still unsure about having them in black and white, it was the day before I had to get them printed and unfortunately none of my tutors were in university on this day. I asked for other peoples advice and they all preferred the colour. However when I spoke to Ludwig about the situation he explained to me that the colour processing looked very dull and the black and white ones were alive and much stronger. The more I looked at the monochrome ones the more I could understand what he meant. I was also worried about the colour of the makeup and it not showing through but he assured me that you don’t have to have the images in colour for the makeup to stand out. Black and white images are still used in magazines to show makeup and so I felt a lot more at ease with this idea. After coming to a decision I am going to have my finals printed in monochrome. I trust Ludwig’s advice and he has helped me over the past year with my work and so I didn’t want to let him down.

Yesterday I came across this article on the Hunger TV website, the makeup by Caroline Saulnier is similar to the theme I have been doing for my project but the approach is very different. The images are very striking but I believe it is the makeup that really stands out and makes them complete. The way that the background is incorporated with the makeup colours gives a really pleasant feel to the image, even with the dolls head looking as though they have been ripped off. They are almost humorous yet they feel as though they have a dark side to them.

Since starting my project I have been thinking about how I can carry it on and thought that I could perhaps continue with creating and photographing different varieties of dolls but using models and makeup. The photographs I have come across here have given me some motivation to believe I can continue with my project but to think beyond photographing a model with the makeup. It may need a lot more post production to create something like this but the final images will be different and really stand out.

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As I knew I wanted to hang my images rather than have them on the wall as my original plan was, the best space for this was the windows in the gallery. However I needed to measure the space exactly and as I wanted A1 images this would have to be a big enough space to allow for three A1 prints. I also needed to measure for the steel rope that would be used to hang the frames from.

Once this was done I could then go ahead and order my frames, I was luckily enough to get two of the windows and have three portrait images in each at A1 size, six images in total. The image in each frame will be back to back so that they can be seen outside and inside the gallery.  This is going to cost slightly more than my original plan as I now need to get more images printed but it will be worth while as it enables me to display more images and get a good view from people passing.




















This is how the frames will look when displayed….

Final Shoot


So my final shoot has taken place and all went as planned. The makeup was applied a lot stronger than last time and the lips and eyes were focussed on more. The rope that I bought worked really well and I am glad that I took the advice given to me and thought about what props I was going to use beforehand. As well as the rope I also used the organ as before so that I could get some shots again but with the different makeup. I used the same lighting, one portable light with a white umbrella attached.

After the last shoot I knew I wanted the makeup to stand out more, so I was more specific with the Makeup artist. I wanted the lips to be very dark and more like a “Jokers” lips and the eyes to me more of the circus doll. This is because I didn’t want to completely copy a circus doll makeup look but to combine it with something else and put a twist on it. I also bought some material so that it could be placed in the models hair, this included black lace and red ribbon.

The outfit was the same as before, I wanted this because I didn’t know if I was going to combine some of the images from the last shoot with this one. Plus I was happy with the outfit, it worked well and I didn’t think it needed altering. Once the makeup was completed we started shooting with the rope which I had tied around a wooden plank which was attached to the ceiling. This was strong enough for the model to then sit on or hang from which was what I was hoping for. I also used the wooden ladders from the last shoot, these worked well as the texture from the wood blended nicely with the texture of the rope and the tutu the model was wearing.

I knew in my head what shots I needed to redo and what new ones I was going to do. Once I had done these I did some final shots again just to make sure I had a good variety of images as this was my last chance to do a shoot. I was then happy that I had enough images to work with and edit and so the afternoon of shooting felt complete.

Here is some of the images just slightly edited…










































Alex Prager


Alex Prager’s photography involves elaborated staged sets that look like film stills. Her photography is based on actually events that she has witnessed, she says “I take stories I’ve sucked in through the media. I restage them in a bright, colourful, slightly comedic world that doesn’t exist.” Some of the photographs don’t look that comedic but they are not supposed to be taken at face value. Other influences come from Alfred Hitchcock films, especially “The birds”. Hitchcock films show you dark and heavy subjects but the cinematography is beautiful. This is the way I want to show my subject, a dark mysterious photograph yet appealing to the eye to draw the viewer in.

However Alex doesn’t make her subjects to dark, she wants to take subjects that would usually be hard to view and then adds a playful – soft element to them. As well as this she has a fascination with late fifties and early sixties fashion. She enjoys the primary colours and female curves of that period and believes that the viewer can create their own memories from this era. She became a photographer after going to see the William Eggleston exhibition and was instantly drawn in by his work and wanted to know how to produce such images. Within six months she had her first exhibition and since has had a passion for storytelling and films.

I have been drawn to her work after coming across her recently, I believe it is the way she stages her photographs and also the dark meaning behind them that I am attracted to.

She currently has an exhibition at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in london.

As my final shoot is approaching I have been thinking about what props I am gong to use in more detail. After my last feedback session with my mentor and tutor it was suggested that I thought more about the props and why I was using them.

Continuing with the circus theme I have decided to source some thick rope and try and hang it so it looks like a trapeze rope. The model will then use this to pose against and if it hung well enough she will hopefully be able to hang from it.

I was originally going to buy the rope online but found a decking and fencing company local to me that sells decking rope. This was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for and it was much cheaper. Sourcing props and materials that are local to me can help me create contacts and it is also easier for me to go back and gather more if needed before a shoot.